General Information of BanaShahr Consulting Engineers Co.

Place of Reg.: Tehran Norm of Company: Private Reg. No: 73219 Reg. Date: 1988
Place of establishment: Tehran Date of establishment: 1988
Specialized fields of activity of company (according to articles of association):
- To perform and distribute technical and counseling services such as services and studies in identification stages, technical and economic explanation of plan,
- To prepare design, deeds and documents and executive services of plans,
- To supervise the good performance and perform counseling services related to exploitation and maintenance period.
Address & Tel. of Branches:
1st Branch: 3rd Floor, No. 78, next to Refah Bank , 11th East St. , Kianpars, Ahvaz-Iran, Tel/Fax: 0611-3924366
2nd Branch: No. 149, Hormoz Bazar, Kish-Iran, Tel/Fax: 0764-4422385
3rd Branch: Unit 8, 2nd floor, Eram Complex, Sharifi Alley, Ayatollah Kashani Sq., Kermanshah- Iran, Tel/Fax: 0831-7294613
4th Branch: No. 235, Shahadat Alley, Adl T-road, North Blvd., Qazvin-Iran, Tel/Fax: 0281-3340734
Managing Director & Members of Board of Directors:
Managing Director: Mrs. Afsaneh Kasaee Koopaee
Chairman of Board of Directors: Mr. Kayoumars Ghareabadi
Vice-chairman of Board of Directors: Mr. Saeed Ghaemi
Specialty and grades inserted in competency certificate confirmed by State Organization of Management & Design
Row Field Rank No. of Authorized Work Maximum Work Amount
1 Architecture, specialty of educational, hygienic, treatment & sport buildings Reg. No: 73219 5 30,000,000,000
2 Architecture, specialty of residential, trade, official, industrial and military buildings Reg. No: 73219 6 100,000,000,000